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 Clan Rules

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PostSubject: Clan Rules   Clan Rules I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2011 5:19 am

1. All members are to wear and keep the clan name in their clan tag (switching clan tags can result in instant separation from the clan)
2. All members are to have (xTc) in their player card decal if Modern Warfare does not have this feature it will be excused
3. All members are to be active unless posted in the vacation or break forum you will be considered AWOL resulting in a separation from the clan
4. All member need to understand and respect one another, If we are not together before a match we will perish in the match
5. All members that have issues or concerns with another member or anything post it in the "Opinion" forum.This is only your opinion but it will be addressed
6. Try to be respectful to everyone and control foul language. There is a difference between using it speak about something and cursing someone out
7. All members need to understand that it is not about who's the best but what skills they have to offer
8. Everyone has something they can work on and teamwork is a major priority, following instruction and communication are prime factors
9. Members offline and missing practices will not participate in clan battles
10. Members recruited just above the basic criteria, it is mandatory they attend training and practices (separation from the clan if broken)
11. Member of xTc have priority over nonmembers during regular games when in a party or room
12. If a party is full and a member(s) want to join, the party will split to provide necessary accommodation to other members
13. Members need to play with each other to construct a relationship among each other to progress the clan
14. Clan captains will have to be extremely active and open to ideas
15. Members need to follow clan captains to improve teamwork and communication
16. To enhance our game play and take it to the next level its important members attain a microphone Bluetooth headset device
17. Members should utilize this page as resource it offers members important information about the clan (weekly to stay up to date)
18. There are several of these rules that can involve separation from the clan but to a extremely severe extent any of them can.
19. Clan captains also need to understand clan captain is not a rank but a job you have rights to recruit and also need to accept the responsibility also
20. As growth continues so will administration so stay positive and expect changes, growth and improvement
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Clan Rules
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