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PostSubject: More trial info   More trial info I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 23, 2011 2:54 am

Everyone testing, understand that this is a complex process and consist of alot of effort. xTc is experiencing alot of changes and also trying to provide alot of resources to their members. Unfortunately tonight was a little chaotic, but will smooth out as the trials continue. Tonight I was issued alot of questions during trials I will try to answer as many of those as I can.

What is the purpose of having to posting during the trial phase?
A. For those that become a member of xTc, during your trial phase you will be basically trained on how to use the site. As of now you may not need it but important info will be posted here. If ever that PS network takes a hit again we can communicate through this page. Consider this fact that your in a class and a student hasn't shown upon in a week, that raise the question of whether he's still in the class likewise, members will you this site if they are on vacation, or if something come up that disconnects you temporarily making you unable to get online and play with the clan

Why do the trials take so long why can't you see how good we play?
A. I think everyone has a light that shines, but xTc has plenty of kill collectors we want to see what you have to offer the clan to better improve it. If we engaged in a 1-on-1 or Team death match that shows you can kill or you have great potential but not to be in xTc. We want members that work with the team. That are hard working to better themselves. To test these skills could take a while also, commitment and attitude if you don't have the patience or character we'll see over the course of time and evaluate you accordingly to reflect your entry in the clan. To test trust and commitment takes time to identify so be patient!

Why do I have to wear the clan tag xTcR?
A. xTcR identifies that you are a recruit trying out for the clan and will draw more attention to you during the trials. Members need to know who is and who is not in the clan to issue advice and socialize with possible future clan members.

When will I know I am in the clan?
A. The trials take a little less than a week. They begin on Saturday and end technically Thursday night, clan members that succeed to obtain entry in the clan will be posted Friday. New Members will need to use this site to be informed when sign up for the site will open.

Why does it take so long for anyone to answer back when I have a question?
A. Since were moving to MW3 soon and trying to enable new members to join is been a handful. Guys give me a little time to work between people. Sometimes I have to walk a guy through getting to the site, check on the trials that are going on or even check the many messages I get from new possible recruits trying to join. So try a be a little patient with me.

What to do If I have a question or don't understand something?
A. If a clan member is online ask around. This site is specifically for that it is checked very often and consist of alot of information that may even answer your question. Post your question here to get answered and we'll issue you the best information we can provide.

More trial info Redone1-1

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More trial info
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