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 Why the Trials?

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PostSubject: Why the Trials?   Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:33 am

The trials are designed to test you on multiple levels. Anyone can pose as the best player but if they are never available what help are they to the clan. It its very important that you understand the purpose of these trials in order to overcome them and become a member of xTc. The trials will test your loyalty, commitment, teamwork, game play style. communication and improvement. They will not be a "breeze" nor "a piece of cake" they will truly assist in choosing prime candidates that will succeed in the clan and help them achieve their highest level. Some periods of your trial may include a game play foreign to you or one you dislike. Any recruits that feel intimidated or pressured by these terms at anytime have the right to decline continuation of their trials and become immediately disqualified.
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Why the Trials?
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