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 Key evaluation points

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PostSubject: Key evaluation points   Fri Oct 21, 2011 3:15 am

Active time - recruits should be active and attending training throughout the week
Teamwork - prepare for any and everything. assist teammates if in second chance, pick kill streak that assist the whole team or even take one for the team if a chopper gunner is up, get it down if you have to pay the cost for the team
Communication - throughout game modes lend your team your eyes warn them of what's ahead or where someone is camping
Skill set - what do you have to offer to the clan. and how good are you at what you do
Progress - are you willing to change those imperfections or are they wrote in stone, change can be good especially if it improves you
Attitude - Not everyone is the best at everything but if your attitude isn't willing then maybe you should waste anyone's time

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Key evaluation points
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